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Thats What I'm Talkin About

February 22, 2015

The night started out at Cecconis in West Hollywood.


A celebration and Oscars toast to the genius director Richard Linklater for this coming of age feature film, Boyhood

The film was touching and raw on so many levels. Filmed over 12 years, chronicaling a boys life from adolesence to adulthood.


In attendance at the toast were the usual suspects, celebrities and well more celebrities.


I was attending solo and was therefore in a position to mingle.


I randomly met a group of what appeared to be college fraternity brothers. One in particular was watching me from across the room and when our shoulders finally collided he simply said "You look like fun, why don't you hang out with us". This six-foot confident young man most certainly got my attention and with that I had instantly made new friends.


The night soon progressed and I also met Nolan Funk, a glee prodigy and all round fun guy. In fact Nolan had saved me from being devoued by none other than one of the greatest drummer's of all time Danny Seraphine.


Nolan a dashing prada looking modelo-slash-actor type simply pulled me away from Danny inquiring quite bluntly 'Did I just save you from that old man?' and yes Nolan yes you did.


Turns out I wasn't far off - he was in fact the face of  Versace in 2014 and attended the Oscars with Lady Gaga in 2014.  

We then went on a photo-booth rampage

as the night was drawing to what seemed an end I was invited by the 'fraternity brothers' to a private dinner with Richard Linklater. I promptly accepted and before i knew it we were at The Sunset Marquis in a private dining area with the entire cast of 'Boyhood' and with the great Richard Linklater himself. The night was filled with heated political and cultural debates. As Richard told story after story everyone listened with anticipation and intense curiosity. Naturally Richard is a fantastic story teller and understands how to not only capture the hearts and minds of cinematic audiences but also those at a dinner table. Diffenitately not the quiet type, Richard flourishes with an audience and thrives on intellectual debate.


It occured to me how these guys knew Richard so well and without seeming obnoxious I simply asked one - I was then told they are actually all stars in Richars'd upcoming film 'That's What I'm Talkin About' a coming of age story about a college baseball team. The boys did have a general comradship that suddenly made sense.


Richard soon announced that he had the first trailer cut for Berlin of the new film, the boys were elated and crowded aroundthe producers iphone - you could feel the excitement, trepedation and sheer understanding that we were all about to be part of an important moment in time that would effect everyone at this intimate dinner table so profoundly.


The trailer we incredible and the boys were over the moon. It suddenly became apparent how BIG this film was going to be,  it is in fact being coined the next 'Dazed and Confused' set in the 70's this film look like nothing less than genius - a true Linklater gem.


Here's a photo I took of the humble cast and director after our dinner. Now that's what I'm talking about....


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