hey doll

There are some things in life every doll should know.

So I'm going to share some little pretty beauty tips with all my fave dolls out there.

I discovered this magical rejuvinating beauty line called Doll Face.

I know I know what you're thinking another beauty line to test and try but I really wanted to give you my insiders tip to this esquisite beauty line that will give you a truly flawless doll face.

No matter your skin type or skin blues - Doll Face has all the solutions.

And my bathroom cabinet has never looked so glam before!

Here's my recommedned beauty regime

Start the morning off with the gorgeous illuminating face polish then apply the pore perfecting mineral mask and finish with the anti-oxidant protective mosturizer.

This is the perfect 3 step path to perfect doll skin.

The evening calls for a gentle yet active beauty regime - I've been applying the following all week and the results are well Doll-like!

Wash away the busy day with the triple-action facial clenser, then prep your most glamorous asset your eyes for the next day with the undereye puffiness serum and seal the deal thith the Intensive age defense mosturizer.

I had a lot of fun trialing these gorgeous products and writing this posting! You can buy all these products directly on the Doll Face website or at Ricky's in New York City

Do this for one week and then show the world your doll face!

Happy pampering dolls.

JD xx