Californian Charm

They say you can take the girl outta California but you can't get the California outta the girl.

This is what drew me towards the eco-friendly and free spirited fashion label Sita Couture

Not only do they design and manufacture everything here in the USA but they have a brand philiosophy of friendship, empowerment and spirituality that I can't help but be charmed by - it might be the Californian girl in me but I had a hoot shooting on a New York City rooftop trying to recapture my inner Californian charm thanks to Sita Couture. Having lived in LA for 3 years myself - I found it came naturally to me!

here is the ChiChi dress in mocha - perfect for that summer soiree occasion

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Also since we're talking all things cali - my dear Australian friend Tim Wheatley who now resides in LA - just made it into the top 10 Country music charts this weekend - couldn't be more happy for him!

Here is a taste of his amazing work - this ones called "Valerie" - you can also check out his tours here