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Space Prom

April 7, 2016

Yes folks - there is a thing called Space Prom and it happens in the nations capital DC!


It's an annual event to celebrate the brillance of Dr. Robert H. Goddard - a memorial dinner that brings together the masterminds in Space from 2,000 members of government, industry and education in the space community.


The good folks at the Commercial Spaceflight Federation gave me the keys to the space castle that is Space Prom and I put my best blue sequined dress on to match my intergalatica space-age blue hairstyle and with my best girlfriend in toe we headed for Capitol Hill.


The night was to salute and pay tribute to the astonishing accomplishments in spaceflight, engineering and education and the Goddard Trophy that was awarded to the most significant person contributing to Space endeavors. 


It is the National Space Club and Foundation that organizes this black tie event - see all my space-like encounters below :)


 First space assignment - making sure my outfit was on Space Point ! I believe there is world peace in space :)

 nails matching the space-age outfit!


 The future is looking bright - here's to the next 100 years of Space innovation!

 inside the event - muy importante space peeps here folks!



Some of the notable attendees:

And the winner of the Dr. Robert H. Goddard Memorial Trophy for 2016 was...... drum roll....The New Horizons Mission Team - New Horizons is an interplanetary space probe that was launched as a part of NASA's New Frontiers program.[1]Engineered by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) and the Southwest Research Institute.


On July 14, 2015 it flew 12,500 km above the surface of Pluto, making it the first spacecraft to explore the dwarf planet - oh Pluto - they call it a dwarf planet because it's neither a planetary-mass object nor a natural satellite - are you still with me?? Ok ok back to the party pics :)


These two were in fine Space Prom spirits!

sharing is caring - even in space!

gravity - ugh earth-like problems

Until next year Space Prom - don't change - we salute you!



And a little rocket man tunes thanks to this dubstep mix of the classic Kate Bush and Elton John Rocket Man song - one for the road into space !





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