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FounderMade Food Edition

Calling all foodies.... roll up roll up - I know you're out there and want to know about the next BIG thing in the food industry.

Luckily you're in the right place.

Welcome to FounderMade a one day conference that explores founders and entrepreneurs in the world of travel, beauty, wellness and food.

I recently attended the Food extension of this conference and met with some truly fascinating visionaries - those included founders from Eden Works, Sakara Life and TruEnergy just to name a few.

First inspiring foodie entrepreneur I interviewed was Whitney Tingle Cofounder of Sakara Life

Sakara Life believe that what you put into your body forms the building blocks for the rest of your life and affects your relationships, career, happiness, and ability to create. They believe in simplicity in all areas of life, especially in food. Fresh, natural, local meals, prepared with loving hands using the healthiest, most hydrating and nourishing ingredients possible.

Next up were the charismatic CoFounders of TruEnergy - a game changer in the energy supplement space - I was lucky enough to speak with these humble and energized guys!

There products are designed for true athletes that need true nutrition and energy replacement.

Here is my interview with the energetic CoFounder Jack McNamara

Last but not least I also interviewed the man behind Eden Works - Jason Green is the CoFounder - once a neuroscientist now a food scientist - Jason us producing top-chef quality produce 360 days per year right here in NYC - How do you get the most flavorful local produce year round? By harnessing the power of technology and ecology. Natural ecosystems maximize the taste and nutritional value of our produce, every day, year round. Eden Works positions itself as the future of farming!

Check out my interview with Jason here

Having spoken to these up-and-coming thought leaders in the food space it made me really reflect on how much I truly know about where my food comes from - one of my dear friends and spiritual advisors once told me when it comes to food - it's simple - look at your food before you eat it and ask one question - Was this made with love? think about the answer if it's a processed food - and came from a super market shelf then most likely before that it came from a factory then chances are it was mass produced with ingredients that weren't made with love - whereas if your food is fresh - organic and came from the earth then chances are it was made with love - it's a simply question to ask but just try thinking about the answer next time you take a stroll down aisle 5 of Trader Joes !

Walking around the trade floor I discovered some food products made with love!

These guys have an incredible book that is called Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson - recipes for innovation from IBM and the Institute of Culinary Education. This book consists of recipes made by the forefront of the computing era.

healthy icecream!

Metabrew - this stuff was seriously yummy and energizing

I had the pleasure of also interviewing the youngest and most successful Chef Flynn McGarry - stay tuned for our interview!

Thank you once again FounderMade for yet another incredible event!

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