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International House

May 22, 2016

When traveling the world we all seek a truly international experience - welcome to International House -  in New Orleans - expect some good old fashion southern hospitality set amongst a truly world class luxurious setting.


This boutique hotel is nestled in the Heart of NOLA. It was developed and designed by local entrepreneur Sean Cummings - this hotel offers everything you could possibly imagine and more when it comes to luxury!



The hotel is a historical landmark in New Orleans too - it was essentially the first world trade centre in the world. In 1943 visionary businessman Archie Jewell turned this 12 story building into International House. Dedicated to world peace, trade and understanding and inspired more than 300 world trade centers in 100 countries. 


It was in 1998 that Sean delivered the 3rd incarnation of the building - this time as a boutique hotel.


And what a superb job Sean has done in reinventing this New Orleans jewel and keeping it in such good taste and fashion for us all to enjoy.


From the moment you walk into this hotel you're transported to an old world 1940's charm almost something you'd imagine from the set of the film 'The English Patient'.



The furnishing are so luxurious - quintessentially where old world meets modern day comforts.


There was also a great Prince tribute in the foyer - they make a point of changing out their artwork weekly. I can see art is a serious business in this hotel.


They even had a fabulous installation in dedication to Audrey Hepburn's birthday too! Can spot Audrey in the background of this pic?


Photo cred Sean Cummings - I met Sean and he is probably the most humble and intriguing man in New Orleans!


 The bar called Loa is truly decadent with signature craft cocktails and the staff are just so fun!


 The attention to detail and design is just gorgeous


Even the bar menu was beautifully designed 

 The ambience and ornaments are simply superb

 My room was so spacious and luxurious - a corner suite - I really never wanted to leave! Another great spot to lay my hat :)


 The bathroom was equipped with Aveda products - one of my personal faves!


The lighting was also perfect for that customary hotel selfie shot! 

 strike a pose!

I especially loved this tribute to the poet Charles Bukowski on the wall 

 It was now time to work off some of that Southern cuisine :)


 The gym was super stylish and made working out feel well less like working out!

After my work out I took the liberty of having an afternoon nap and watch the film The English Patient - I found this exquisite oriental kimono in a vintage store in New Orleans and just had to have it! I would imagine women sitting on the porches in New Orleans sipping on a gin and tonic on the balcony as the sun goes down - a true Southern custom - only I was sipping on gin inside the International House - not a bad compromise :)

I just felt like a real oriental princess in this lavish gown sitting high in my International House suite!


Thank you International House for a truly memorable stay - you showed me the real old world charm of New Orleans  - something I will never forget.

 Also thank you for also helping me rediscover why I love this film so much!






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