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rainbows are forever

January 13, 2016


There are some people that come into your life with a glimmer and then there are those that come into your life with a BANG.


David Bowie is one of those artists that leaves a mark on you and defines what it truly means to be "individual"


One of my fave songs of his is "Life on Mars"



The ultimate REBEL REBEL



Lady Gaga performed a Tribute to Bowie at this yea'rs Grammy Awards - amazing collaboration between Intel and Gaga



I remember when I was first confronted by the ominous and cryptic character of "Jareth" in The Labrynith - David Bowie's character exuded everything that was complex yet mysterious about unattainable dangerous love.



Bowie had a way of saying so much without even saying a word.


he was a man that was never shy of having a good time and living life to the full



The world mourned the passing of this iconic legend in many ways - from tribute David Bowie rock nights to fashion show homages. In particuar, the London fashion label Burberry honored David Bowie in the ast day of their London Collections show. Not only did classic Bowie tunes lead guests both in and out of the venue, makeup artist Wendy Rowe added Ziggy details of stardust-like glitter around models' eyes. Although the highlight came from a model Hayett McCarthy who revealed the word "Bowie" - something the brand had not planned for - yet ironically it had the greatest impact on everyone in the audience.



a true musican, artist, innovator, husband, lover, father and icon



So in true English Bowie style I will pay tribute to the great Bowie through another English rock star - Adele - this song of her's encompasses all it is to have been in the prescence of greatness. I can only imagine that this is what it must have been like to have met Bowie..... may your technicolor rainbow of endless artistic vision live on forever !!!





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