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Hello Melissa

December 25, 2016

Are you feeling funky?


I dedicate this post to the recent George Michael that to me is the ultimate showman and groovy muso of all time - his classic song Funky was one that re-wrote the song books for me - so it's fitting I celebrate his magical life with an equally talented and funky guy - Mr Jeremy Scott and his latest collaboration with shoe designer Melissa.


 They say creativity is the ultimate path to freedom!


When it comes to shoes - it would be safe to say I have an addiction.


But what girl doesn't right!?


It's like men - one is never enough - ha just jokes - but in all seriousness having one pair of shoes is NEVER enough for a girl.


So that is why I look to my good BFF Melissa for all my shoe addiction needs - okay okay so I don't really know the designer but I feel like I do having walked in her shoes so many times!




Get the pun - walked in her shoes - ok ok I probably shouldn't quit my day job! Humor is the way to a guys heart though right? - hello any guys reading this lol - ok back to the shoes - so here is a selection of some just some of my fave shoes from the latest Melissa range!


First up are my Jeremy Scott/Melissa yellow pumps!



 ssshhh don't tell anyone my secret!



 just casually daydreaming of Jeremy Scott :)


 I'm leaning in real close to tell you a secret... ready...a girl never waits around for nobody - ok maybe just a pair of Melissa shoes - but nobody else!


 These shoes just make you wanna strike a pose!



 And best thing is they also matchy match my Chanel handbag courtesy of Trendlee



 Feeling pretty lucky and free in these shoes and with these fine tunes


In this song they say the clothes sometimes do not make the man but it's safe to say with a pair of Melissa shoes you can become a made woman :) 

 In case you weren't in the mood yet - here is George's funky beat



 Thank you Melissa for your mellow yellow shoes that fit me just right! Love January xx







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