Bronzed Bavaria

What I love about Europa most of all - other than the amazing food and impeccable fashion is the history

Being Australian born our history is rich but short and when I visit Europe I can't wait to immerse myself in historical adventures

I recently visited the quaint and surprising city of Munich and saw the Bavaria Statue - a bronzed cast statue that towers above a field on a hill in Munich - It is a female personification of the Bavarian homeland, and by extension its strength and glory.

I also had the pleasure of meeting the talented Charlotte Hartig - head designer of the label "Nothing" - here I wear one of her gorgeous creations that only seemed fitting for a cultural visit of this significance :)

I simply LOVED this NOTHING metalic black dress and matching metalic clutch too!

Watch my video as I discover the significance of this awe-inspiring statue

All this history got me thinking and contemplating how far we've come in regards to women's rights and movement but there is always still so much work yet to be done!

lapping up some power and strength energy from the great Bavaria Statue

twirling around in this place never felt so good!

sitting outside alongside this magnificent statue really did make me feel well powerful!

soaking up the Munich rays!

until next time Ms Bavaria Statue

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