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October 1, 2017

When it comes to wellness and relaxation - what do you think about a retreat at the foothills of Salzburg, Austria? Enticed perhaps - I know  I was - that's why when it came to some serious rejuvenation after my energetic Electric Love festival that the Vollererhof was exactly what I needed


This wellness spa retreat has everything you need to feel well completely relaxing in a luxurious setting with exceptional service - they have not one, not two, not three but more than six spas and saunas all designed to treat different health benefits - my fave was the salt mineral spa - my skin never felt so luxurious and soft


Oh and yes before you ask I did take along someone special - because retreats are always best shared with a little company :)



Shades of Chanel - the bed matched my chanel bag just right :) 

 This dreamy pool overlooked the mountains - just superb



 room with a view :)


Just some of the amenities included a stainless steel indoor pool filled with water from the Vollererhof spring, temperature approx 29C - last spring the pool was completely renovated and lined with a stainless steel tub. 


Sole-free pool - the brine-free swimming pool is open all year round, the water of our own source is enriched with Halleiner Sole to just under 3% and also tempered to 29C. Harmoniously embedded in the garden area and with a wonderful panoramic view of the mountains, the brine-free swimming pool is certainly one of the special attractions at the Vollererhof


But my fave room in the entire resort was the panoramic sauna - check out the view




They also have aroma steam bath, laconicum, brine inhalation tunnels and wellness showers


Also for those that like to stay active and hike, do yoga and experience the great Austrian outdoors the resort runs classes every day for special hikes - guided tours, yoga sessions and day trips into Salzburg for those that need a little retail therapy too!


Oh and the food was exceptional too


 someone thought it looked pretty ggooood!!

 some traditional Austrian cuisine



 In case you were wondering what was on this mouth-watering menu :)


 So for those that didn't know - my man had an "Accident" at elecric love and cut his toe - so he had to wear a leg brace for weeks - although somehow he made it look kinda stylish :)


 Oh and waking up in the morning to these delicious treats was well pretty delightful

Pretty sure I look so serious here cos I'm already planning my return visit to this AH-mazing resort









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