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Swiss Palace Style

So it is true - every girl must once in their life feel like a princess

Yes and believe me fairytales do exist - why should only children dream of one day living like royalty when you actually can too!

Yes thanks to the magnificent Lausanne Palace and Spa - perched on the hilltops of Lausanne overlooking the Geneva lake - it really doesn't get much better than this magical and opulent Swiss Palace

Here is a glimpse into my recent stay in their oh so uber chic suite with my own views of the rolling Swiss alps and lake

Ok so I'm really not trying to make y'all jealous but yes you prob can't help feeling envious cos this is really some next level luxury I'm about to show you!

Step inside my Swiss Palace.....

there is something about sitting in a Palace that well just makes you feel like well a princess :

Safe to say I'm pretty happy at the Lausanne Palace and Spa

ok so lean in close and listen up! I'm about to show you some of my fave Palace features

First was the pool - yes they have a gorgeous pool with fairy star lights on the ceiling that at night make you want to float away to another universe - and the spas and beauty treatments at this hotel are next level too - everything you need from remedial massage to deluxe facials - you name it and let me tell you Lausanne will have a Swiss Palace style version of it!

The CBE Concept Spa is a veritable wellness mecca in the heart of Lausanne. This unique place combines beauty treatments with the essentials of health, wellbeing, nutrition and sports. In its haven of tranquillity, CBE Concept Spa offers a range of cutting-edge or traditional treatments, therapies and rituals.

And the jacuzzi's and saunas are exceptional too!

And did I mention the day beds overlook rose gardens and the rolling Swiss Alps?? mmm think I'm in seventh Palace heaven here - stay turned as I bring you more Palace updates :) But first I need to take a dip in the pool - a little facial and some Swiss sunshine - promise I will be blogging again soon!


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