Dachstein Mountains

Ever wondered what the seven wonders of the world might look like? I certainly have and I think we need to officially make Hallstatt one of those 7 wonders!

Nestled between the edge of Hallstätter See and the towering Dachstein mountains, Austria’s oldest and possibly most photographed village is something like a mirage in the Salzkammergut Lake Region - welcome to Hallstatt

I was recently lucky enough to visit this truly magical lake-side town - and yes the photos are completely representative of exactly how magical this place is - a true winter wonderland - I Stayed at Hotel Brau-Gasthof - this family run hotel was so cosy and felt like something out of Lord of the Rings

Here are some of my favourite moments - oh and defied my fear of heights and went on their Sky Walk - yup people if I can do it then you can too! It was SO worth it - the views are well majestic but see for yourself in my video below

Bringing a little Saturday Night Fever to Hallstatt :)

When the views are this good - one must take a "token" cheesy tourist shot too !

Do you think this Austrian lifestyle suits me?

So I'm abOut to go on the big SkyWalk and this mannequin is making me fee okay about the big trip :)

Does it look high?? well yes it does because it was extremely high but definitely worth the trip!!

This is called my happy dance - when I'm about to traverse mountains!

View from my bedroom window #PureMagic

waking up to this view each morning was well pretty #special

the look of contentment - Alps - coffee - fresh air and my Legendary Alpine Ski attire :)

This view

soaking up these views #NeverWantToLeave

And a little Austrian water goes a long way - the water is so pure and clean

cheers to the #AustrianLife

heading UP the #SkyWalk

I defied my fear of heights too - such breathtaking views

and special thanks to this family for sharing th able car experience with moi

It was definitely liberating to celebrate with a little snow play n the Alps after defying my fear of heights and doing the magnificient Sky Walk #FeltGood