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Electric Blue

August 5, 2018

People often say to me "wow you have the best lifestyle" - often it's hard to disagree - but traveling to a different country every few weeks and reporting from international fashion shows definitely has it's perks but some days well can be challenging and hard work - yes that's right people - being a blogger is not all sunshine and cotton candy stilettos (does something like that exist - if so then I need them) BUT in all seriousness there are days or should I say brands that remind me why I love what I do SO much


This time the brand that reignited my passion for storytelling and fashion was DB Berdan - now this clothing label originated in Istanbul but reflects the underground street sub-cultures of London Town. I've been residing in Londres this summer and have fallen in love with street wear brands here. 

 It was literally 40 degrees when we shot this - ok so maybe 35 degrees but pretty hot for London - so a fresh salad was in NEED - and yes before you ask this outfit definitely made me stand out in the crowd!



This brand also reflects social rights movements with music, film and performance - they describe themselves as DB BERDAN is for any person who enjoys bold colours and bold statements with sarcastic humour - yas I think I just discovered my soul-sister!


Check out my latest tinkering with this electrifying brand - oh and with a little help from our good ole girl Tina Turner along the way!

 oh and shoes by my faves Melissa and cap by Merve Bayindir 

 oh hey Tina :) Yes this dress and Tina Turner the musical made me feel well... electric!

 classic London shot but had to be done :)



 contemplating my next DB Berdan outfit :)



Now I could have posted a Tina Turner song.... but that might have been too cliche lol - so I opted for a Ricki Lee song - if you haven't heard of Ricki before - she's an Aussie singer and her latest song "It's not Too Late" is so bold and brave - a bit like DB Berdan and Tina Turner :)




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