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Rosey NYC Valentines

February 14, 2019

What can make a girl feel so rosey on V-day you ask? A new blonde hair do and some pink on pink attire I say :)


The BIG Apple is unlike any other city on earth. I'm often asked which is my favourite city in the world and although I truly don't like comparing places - as each and every place in the world has it's own positives and negatives - I do truly feel that New York is the best city in the world. At least for me! And especially when it comes to getting my hair done - I absolutely adore Nunzio Saviano Salon on the Upper East Side


New York is so vibrant that as they say "anything goes in New York City" - it's most definitely the one place I feel completely liberated and well able to wear a bright pink jacket with matching shoes and no one look twice! So it was the perfect place to spend Valentines day - with my one true love - New York City!


Yes this was quite a rosey day in New York also thanks to my fave boutique in Soho Dreams on Air



Loving this bag from Poshead - I am V-day ready!

Hair by the amazing Nunzio Saviano hair salon 


 shoes by the ah-mazing Pleiades 





 jacket from Norwegian brand Kepaza 






 you gotta have a little tude when in New York :)

 who needs a lover when you have New York City!!!!

 Happy V day everyone :) Hope you're somewhere with a loved one or at least in a place you LOVE!


Find a city that looks at you the way New York does :)


Looking out onto the New York Skyline never gets old! #NewYorkDontChange #TrueLove





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