My dreamy life in Lockdown

When in lockdown there is no better time to dream and reimagine the world around you.

Let's face it - when have we ever had so much time on our hands before?

My advice is switch off the TV news that is no doubt screaming different theories about Covid-19 to you and pick up a good book - find a nice quiet window seat and put on your best and most comfy frock - and most importantly - put on a stylish pair of shoes - trust me - it will make your outfit feel complete and leave you feeling more alive - my pick is from pleiades

My fave pair of shoes that always lifts my spirits is from Pleiades - these gorgeous shoes made with both Korean and European influences is the perfect dainty yet practical shoe to make any outfit well #NextLevel

Admiring my Eva Pink Shoes from Pleiades - you too can buy them here

the perfect lockdown accessories - designer shoes, good book and sunhat to at least feel like you're outside :)

I love reading but I also love dreaming about which Pleiades shoes i will buy next too :)

Close up of my fave shoes and might i mention I am heavily pregnant too in case you can't tell and these shoes are uber comfy even though my feet have swollen too -0 stylish and comfy - what more could you ask for - and for those wanting specific details - here you go - Light pair of oxfords with soft colour and semi-transparent striped velvet - 7cm Heels, Tongue-less, Leather Lace-up Strings - you can buy them here