Never Stop Dreaming

It's important to remember that this too shall pass and to NEVER STOP DREAMING!

I am talking of course about the 'invisible virus' and to always dream of a better future.

When in lockdown it can be easy to be overwhelmed with negative thoughts - that's why it's important to focus on the positive and align yourself with colorful and inspiring surrondings!

In my quest to never stop dreaming I made sure I discovered a beautiful, practical and stylish Maternity Wear brand that would adapt to my changing (well let's face it - growing) body and provide clothing that was both comfortable and stylish for the early spring days!

Enter the Israeli leading Maternity Designer Avishag Arbel who specializes in creating clothing that compliments the changing pregnant body and of course shows off that beloved "Baby Bump".

I was recently lucky enough to try out two of the Avishag Arbel whimsical and fashionable maternity outfits and let me say I never felt lighter, more feminine and beautiful since being pregnant.

It's easy to get weighed down - literally with the shear extra weight you're carrying around when pregnant and as soon as I slipped into these free flowing dresses I felt free, comfortable and stylish - I was in Maternity Wear Heaven and it gave me the perfect confidence to "Never Stop Dreaming"

What love most about this "Barcelona Dress" from Avishag Arbel dress is it's free flowing feel

You can follow the entire Avishag Arbel collection also on instagram @avishagarbel_maternity

looking ahead to the future never felt so free and stylish :) Thanks to Avishag Arbel

One of my fave parts of their online shopping experience is the "Maternity Dress" section - I can daydream scrolling through their beautiful designs for hours!

Life in lockdown can be colorful and free with Avishag Arbel

My second outfit that I got to sample was the "Mary Dress" this one was equally comfortable and stylish but had perhaps a more contoured style to it!

striding into the day with confidence thanks to Avishag Arbel

taking in that Austrian Spring sunshine!

Baby Bump on full show! The Avishag Arbel Maternity line uses luxuriously soft fabrics that are expertly designed to fit and grow with your body for optimal comfort. They focus on producing pieces you'll love for all 9 months and long after pregnancy

Can't wait to meet my never bundle of joy! talking about my Baby but also the Avishag Arbel clothing line :) The collection is designed and produced in Israel, which ensures ongoing quality control and a quick response to the fast-paced world of fashion.

Confidence is a dress called the "Mary Dress"

Curious as to how the Avishag Arbel brand began -

Avishag Arbel is a mother of three and fashion designer with a degree from Shenkar College of Art & Design.After becoming pregnant with her first child in 2004, fashion designer and businesswoman Avishag Arbel was crafving on-trend, stylish options to dress her changing body.

Frustrated with the big maternity brands, Avishag was inspired to launch her own maternity line. She realized how limited the options were for stylish maternity wear.

Recognizing that modern, trendy designs were missing, she decided to fill that void. She began to design clothing for the modern pregnant woman; flattering styles which accommodated a growing bump and that transitioned from pregnancy into the first months of motherhood.

Well thank you Avishag Arbel - you have truly created a decadent and stylish line that fits pregnant women during all stages of pregnancy and inspires me to NEVER STOP DREAMING!