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Grape & apple Stem cell Beauty

Who knew that the humble grape could unlock a world of skincare goodness?

Well the founders of Enbacci skincare did and they tapped into the true power of Vitis Vinifera - which is the scientific name given to the humble grape.

The antioxidants present in grapes protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals and other environmental stressors. Enbacci sources their grapes from France from the purple coloured variety, Gamay Teinturier Fréaux, Enbacci's grape stem cells contain very high concentrations of antioxidant-rich anthocyanin.

Not only has Enbacci tapped into the power of grapes but also of apples. Yes you heard me right apples, but not just any apples. The apple stem cell extract is derived from a rare Swiss variety of Malus Domestica, the Uttwiler Spätlauber. This particular variety of apples is well known for its longevity and storability, as well as long-living tissue stem cells.

It is used in personal care formulations for for its ability to promote the reduction of appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles.

I recently had the opportunity to try both their grape stem cell and apple stem cell beauty range!

Specifically I road tested the Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating 3 step system and it gave my skin new life! Just some of it's benefits include age defence, cleansing, moistourizing, hydrating and not to mention it's also vegan and cruelty free skincare!

Here are some of my fave products from their latest stem cell skincare range:

waking up to the Enbacci range is a skin dream come true!

They also have a beautiful candle range too - making the self care spa luxurious skincare experience complete!

Their face masks are divine too!

and here is the apple stem cell technology - I love their eye cream - the Age Revitalising Eye Defence

I'm happy to say I've finally found a skincare regime that combines natural ingredients with scientific innovation and technology! Thank you Enbacci skincare for showing me what selfcare and skin rejuvenation really means!



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