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Nomi meets Noni

If ever there was a product collaboration made in heaven it must be this one!

When Stokke released their new Nomi Chair - that inspires active sitting I knew my little baby Manon who's nickname is Noni would love it!

In fact it was an absolute game-changer. Mealtime was always problematic with my baby - as with most babies but it was always a struggle to get her to enjoy it. Then when I tried the Stokke Nomi Chair she suddenly enjoyed it because she could move around and felt elevated yet secure and made mealtime so much more enjoyable for her!

I can now understand why the Stokke Nomi chair was the Winner of the Product Safety Silver Award in 2019 by the European Commision.

Here are some of my fave moments with my Noni in the Nomi chair :)

I too was clearly excited about the Stokke Nomi Chair

The design is flawless and so so chic!

She couldn't stop grinning as soon as she got in it :)

ah this chair is literally a game changer!

Thank you Stokke! This chair will take my baby from birth through life - with it's adjustable and anti-tilt wheels and design.


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