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Can ex-boyfriends be friends?

So it's a universal question:

Can ex-boyfriends be friends?

The answer is never straight forward - naturally every circumstance is different.

In the case of my ex-boyfriend Ethan Robertson I would have to say yes... that said of course when you love someone part of you will always still love them but there is a BIG difference between loving someone and being IN love with them.

Somethings are best left in the past and forgotten whilst other things are worth holding onto.

In the case of Ethan Robertson my ex-boyfriend - I am glad we kept our friendship alive and now I think of him as family - a brother type figure... weird.. ok maybe but that's how I feel about him and if you asked him I'm sure he would reply much the same.

We were together for a year or so and traveled the USA together, LA, San Fran and New York. Ethan is a big-time modelo in Australia but really just a down-to-earth northern beaches boy - ok seems like I am pimping him out now lol - you can always find him on instagram here


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