Want a goodnight?

The best way to judge a goodnight is often the morning afterwards.

How you wake up feeling, rejuvenated or disheveled - hopefully it's not the latter.

This is why I dicovered this gorgeous bedding and luxurious bedding product company called "The Goodnight Co"

If you're anything like me then getting a goodnights sleep is a rare occurance. Especially living in New York there is never a dull moment that's why mornings are so important and a true measure of how well you slept. Waking up feeling rejuvenated is essential and breakfast in bed is always the best way to start the week. This week I tried out The Goodnight Co luxurious silk pillow cases and the results were unexpected!

One of my favourite products are their silk pillowcases that won't dry out your hair - say goodbye to bed head and say hello to sweet sweet dreams. After sleeping with my silk pillow cases I woke up feeling so energized that I felt like an old fashion pillow fight!

There is nothing quite like sleeping on silk that will you feeling energized and leave your skin hydrated.

These silk pillowcases are also anti-ageing,, the silk won't dry out your skin.

Not only is it great for your skin it will never leave sleep creases - all you will have to worry about is how much cereal is too much cereal :)

The Goodnight Co is founded by two young mum's from Australia that truly value the importance of a goodnights sleep. They created this company to give people an easy access to luxurious yet affordable "must-have" sleep acessories that will have you dreaming all night long and waking up feeling like a true princess!

A princess who can wake up happy, eat breakfast in bed and then have a pillow fight. Just be careful not to spill any milk on those silk acessories. Also if you buy one of their products until the end of Oct 31 - just enter the promocode "januarydiaries" to recieve a free travel case!

Additionaly these products are hypoallergenic so great for allergy sufferers too!

So what are you waiting for - try The Goodnight Co products today and get a goodnights sleep!


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