tech that never sleeps

So we have our vices in life and today tech vices can be your new bestfriend!

That's why I wanted to share with y'all my 2 fave must have techie devices this month. Both have made my life so much easier and let me listen to my fave tunes anywhere, anytime.

Introducing you to Crosley - the awesome retro radio and turntable company that makes not only the most stylish record player this side of Kansas City but also the most portable one - in this easy to carry case this beauty can go anywhere with you!

My other fave must-have tech device is the Kreafunk ahead headphones in dusty pink!

It's bluetooth and so easy to use - finally no long annoying phone leads that get tangled - it's all digital!!

The sound quality is exceptinal too - sounds like you're listening to it in the recording studio

Check out my two new bestfriends below - p.s his name is Crosley and her name is Kreafunk

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