House of Lafayette

Want THE best hats in NYC?

Then follow me down this path and discover New York's finest hat design company House of Lafayette

This is where art and culture collide in an avalanche of hats - hats for all ocassions and any occasion - from everyday looks to extravagant outings.

I was lucky enough to meet the creative vision and artist behind this high-end hats and cocktail pieces label, the French designer Virginie.

I was also lucky enough to pick out 2 of my favourite pieces to share with you all!

Okay let's go and explore my House of Lafayette adventures!

Watch this video to meet the visionary behind this label - French hat designer Virginie!

Watch when January tried on all the House of Lafayette hats - like a kid in a candy store - but in a HAT studio

Here is one of my fave House of Lafayette hats!

some of my fave winter hats are these baseball caps with a House of Lafayette spin!

Go inside the House of Lafayette Studio with this slideshow GALLERY

House of Lafayette inspiration

Love this take on a good old fashion beanie with a House of Lafayette twist!!

Poet Gertrude Stein wrote this poem that uses hats as a metaphor for the transformation of a girl - into womanhood and ultimately to childbirth - the journey draws parrallels in Gertrude's mind to the structures of colored hats: here is the poem for you to interpet as you will!

COLORED HATS. Colored hats are necessary to show that curls are worn by an addition of blank spaces, this makes the difference between single lines and broad stomachs, the least thing is lightening, the least thing means a little flower and a big delay a big delay that makes more nurses than little women really little women. So clean is a light that nearly all of it shows pearls and little ways. A large hat is tall and me and all custard whole.

Poem by Gertrude Stein

wishing you all happy House of Lafayette dreams......

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