Boat life

For those that dream of sailing off into the Caribbean sunset on a daily basis aboard a luxury boat..... Yes you're not alone - boating is something I'm pretty sure everyone enjoys and if they don't well you might have to just ask yourself why am I friends with this person? Just joking but seriously who doesn't love jumping onboard a boat, setting out into the blue abyss and celebrating with a glass of champagne onboard the deck?

This is exactly the scenario I was channeling except I was in New York... In the winter... the reality if any of this happening was well...unlikely!

Until I discovered - the New York Boat Show.

Last week I attended this colossal event at the Javits centre in New York and let's just say I've already booked my next boating expedition in the Caribbean - need some boating inspo - look no further!

I was fairly excited to go see these amazing boats!

So let's get started - here is a video that gives you a glimpse inside this tuly nautical event!

It's safe to say that I felt very comfortable onboard these boats

feeling in control of this amazing vessel

Meet January your new captain for the day #learningtosteer

One of my favourite exhibits of the day was the Grady-White display - some seriously beautiful boats on display here - perfect for those hot Miami days

perfecting my "I'm in Miami and about to go on a boat stance" except I'm not in Miami - just yet :)

I was SO impressed with the Everglades boat - I couldn't help flex my muscle next to these powerful engines

This was no doubt my fave boat of the show!

I really liked the jet skis and think it's a must-have toy for summer - the Sea-Doo sales people were exceptionally nice too and they really do have a jet ski for all budgets

couldn't help but get a quick snap with this most charming and informative Sea-Doo sales rep

It was such a joy visiting the New York Boat Show and discovering all these big toys - makes you just want to runaway and become a skipper!

inside and out - the interiors of these boats were fit for well any princess :)

and with that you will find me on the deck of some speedy boat adventuring into pure luxury #happyboating


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