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During NYFW I got the opportunity to attend Chinese born fashion designer Taoray Wang's fashion show.

I even went backstage to chat with the lady herself!

This year her fall/spring 2016 collection theme was "British Heritage" - Taoray has given traditional attire normally worn by men her own unique feminine flare and used tweeds and asymmetrical lines to create stunning silhouettes of garments that can easily be worn from day into night.

See all her new British Heritage creations below and learn about how The Bronte Sisters inspired this collection.

see the show and my back stage interview with Taoray Wang here

This jacket was simply divine!

After the show I met up with some of these fashionistas!

This outfit I could easily see Rhi Rhi rocking too :)

This outfit was fabulous and had a definite Lady Gaga look and feel to it - talk about not only an inspiring fashion show but also an inpsiring fashionista crowd to match !

Here are some of my favoutite pieces from the collection

Taoray mentioned that she was inspired by The Bronte Sisters - Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte and their writings.

Charlotte's novel "Jane Eyre", Emily's "Wuthering Heights" and Anne's "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" were some of their most prolific and transcending novels from the nineteenth century.

These books and the sisters behind them have given countless generations - from young girls to women alike a notion of romantisim with gothic elements.

Emily Bronte had to publish "Wuthering Heights" under the name Ellis Bell - so too Taoray explores through her British Heritage collection how women today can embody once outfits meant traditionally for men but give them their own unique feminine interpretation.

Their novels rejected conventional literary structures of the time and used poetry and realism in ways that ignited the imagination and pathed a path for women to express their being, experiences and moods.

The Bronte Sisters embodied everything it was to be a nineteenth century english woman without constraints or rather some would say through their writings an Engllish woman - unleashed.

Fashion from this era was exquisite and Taoray draws upon certain elements from these days in her latest collection.

In fact Taoray's collection is symbolically using what was once traditional mens clothing and gives them a female interpretration - one coud even equate Taoray from breaking away from fashion conventions and creating a line of fashion that challenges and expresses women's desire to transcend and immitate gender boundaries in fashion to create statement pieces that are feminine yet convey a masculine authority and power in their shapes and patterns.

Until next season - thank you Taoray Wang for providing these awe inspiring fashion pieces for us to wear so that everyone woman can feel like their very own renaissance woman!

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