A Day In China

Ever wondered what Chinese fashion is all about and how this oriental land dresses for the changing seasons?

I was recently lucky enough to experience all things Chinese fashion thanks to Summerwood the Chinese fashion designer that uses traditional Chinese cloth in its exquisite designs, also special thanks to the Chinese Ministry of Culture and the Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF)

I was also able to interview the President of the BCAF

Also very special thanks to AmeriChina Group for inviting me to this prestigious and inspiring event!

Summerwood is an expert in making summer-cloth, a special handmade Chinese fabric for the summer season with a history of 6000 years. Now it's been revived by Summerwood and applied to modern clothes, accessaries, shoes, home decors, and etc. - you will see them all at the exhibition.

Watch my 'Day In China' video below

I met some truly colorful characters!

such an honor interviewing the President of the Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation

It was a glorious day outside on the balcony too - where I met these extraordinary young Chinese entrepreneurs - nothing but love for these two!

Thank you China for truly putting together a spectacular rooftop event in the BIG apple!

Next stop China :)


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