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Uprise Festival

For those that don't know... well now you do!

I'm the founder of ParlayMe - a PR platform for entrepreneurs, founders, investors and business leaders

I am lucky enough to travel the world interviewing incredible people and parlaying their stories to the world

So far I've interviewed visionaries such as Billionaire Naveen Jain to first time founders - being a tech reporter is so rewarding and most definitely a passion project - I even co-hosted a Tech Talk show in New York

I have worked with global conferences from Propelify, Collision Conference, Pioneers Festival to SXSW - and now I'm happy to announce that I'm a Brand Ambassador for Uprise Festival

Uprise is unlike any other tech conference - it's a vibrant marketplace

Uprooting the festival from its homebase in Amsterdam and introducing it to a completely different country and a very different culture was a gamble. But it paid off and now in it's second year in Dublin - it's set to be an extraordinary event!

Get a little taste of it here

Can't wait to see what they have in store for us this year!

So what are you waiting for let's UPRSIE together - get your discounted tickets here:

Yup that' right - I'm offering my community discounted #UpriseFestival tickets Uprise Festival Europe 6: Dublin 26 Oct​

See y'all there!


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