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Altstadt Vienna

When you visit a European city it's hard not to be enchanted by the medieval architecture and design - and when you visit Vienna and have the opportunity to stay in the old part of town - that is the art centre of Vienna at the Altstadt Hotel - don't think twice

Yes I was certainly enchanted by this design hotel - Altstadt means "Old Town" in German and this boutique family-owned hotel is truly exquisite, nestled in the historic heart of Vienna- the detail to design is simply exceptional - so much so that in fact each suite has it's own theme and is uniquely designed - so no stay in this hotel is ever the same!

I was lucky enough to stay in the Lilli Hollein designed suite. Lilli is the director of Vienna Design Week. Together with her designer husband Markus Eiblmayr - they truly brought to life this whimsical yet truly stylish room that appeals to both men and women - you are literally transported into the clouds with the unforgettable cloud themed wallpaper and sophisticated furnishings that make you feel cozy yet super stylish!

Also this room focuses on Austrian design with each piece of furniture in the suite being designed by an Austrian designer!

I also just love the entire hospitality philosophy behind this hotel - they are 100% dedicated to the guest and even the term guest seems not fitting for this hotel - they are dedicated to you - the person - they take time to personally greet each guest - the owner and hotel manager are specially friendly and go out of their way to meet each guest and get to know you! After all their motto is - "only if we are doing good, are we radiant. Towards you." They are truly devoted to the art of hospitality!

The attention to detail is reflected in their personalization of the entire experience - and I know what you're thinking - did I get the royal treatment just because I'm a blogger - answer is no - I saw for myself that each person is treated exactly the same and made to feel truly special! Oh and the breakfast is truly amazing too :)

Tea time!

This hotel embodies everything - art and culture as well as architecture and design.

Oh and they serve complimentary tea and cake each afternoon in the most inspiring library of design books - yes you can literally learn and discover everything design here!

And did I mention that they also have the yummiest chocolate in the reception - yes Im a sweet tooth and chocolate is my guilty pleasure - thank you Hotel Altstadt!

Austrian Furniture Designers on the suite include:

March Gut - Desk

Patrycja Domanska - diwan

Patrick Rampelotto- wardrobe

Carl Auböck - table and floor lamps

Sebastian Menschhorn - sideboard

ChmaraRosinke - Chandelier

Karak - Bath Tiles

Raf Simons - Plaids and fabrics

Piero Fornasetti- Wallpaper

Until next time Altstadt Hotel - please don't change!


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