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Swiss Design Hotel

I recently visited the gorgeous metropolis hub that is Zurich - in search to experience a Swiss design hotel and I'm happy to say that the hotel Greulich delivered the design goods!

This hotel uses purist design in an urban setting - yes this hotel is minimal in its approach yet detailed in its commitment to luxury.

Nestled in a urban setting on Gruelich Street - which is named after Herman Gruelich one of the most influential Swiss politicians leading the labor movement.

Inspired by a true legend - this hotel does not disappoint.

From the moment you arrive you notice the urban design and cosy atmosphere - our room was so spacious with copious amounts of natural light and the perfect lounge/office space for those digital nomads like myself - oh and the bathroom was super luxe - with the most beautiful bath tub and modern designs that made you want to stay in every night!

The desk space is awesome - perfect for my blogging life!

Some highlights from my relaxing stay are below - and this hotel even has it's own yoga studio so you feel extra Zen in the morning!

First things first though -. always test the bed for comfort levels straight away and yes this bed gets an A+ - super spacious and comfy!

Did I mention the natural light in this hotel is beautiful - check out the huge window seal too!

oh and the lounge suite is uber comfy too!

Watch my video with all my fave hotel features here

After many trains, aero planes and automobiles it's always comforting to be in a. hotel that embraces natural light and the great outdoors - the design of this hotel truly embraces into its design the natural beauty that is Zurich

Pretty happy to be in my new home away from home #HotelGreulich

basking in this warm Zurich sunshine never felt so good!

I could most definitely get used to this Swiss design life!

You know you're officially on holiday when your hardest decision of the day is what to order for breakfast :) Luckily Gruelich made it easy for us because everything on the menu was simply delicious!

Now the hardest decision of the day was over - it was time to indulge in some seriously good reading thanks to the diverse and super cool book collection the hotel has for guests - and books were available in English and German!

Coffee and a good read - oh and yes yogurt - couldn't be a Swiss breakfast without some organic yogurt too!

The reading area is so chic - just loved the design

Hotel Greulich you make every photo look like a work of art :) Thank you for hosting me - it was a truly inspiring design stay!


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