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What is it about fitness gyms and work outs that sometimes feels like well dull - forget those chain gyms like fitness first or Equinox - how about a Gym that makes you feel alive.

Now that's a concept ! A gym that makes you feel invigorated. That's right alive! When you've been working all day long the last thing you want is a dull workout environment and a repetitive workout regime.

That's why I was so happy when I finally discovered a gym that makes you motivated to turn up - show up and put in the hard yards!

Meet ArtGym - a boutique fitness gym located in the heart of Hobart, Australia.

This husband and wife dynamic duo ran gym by Eilish and Miskad Kidd - makes you feel like part of a family - from the moment you walk through the door you're greeted with smiling faces and these faces soon become so familiar that well they feel like a real family.

The workouts are designed to never be the same - always varied and most definitely challenging ArtGym has the perfect combination of fun, fitness and family values.

The gym was conceptualized with the approach of creating a creative fitness studio for creative people.

Watch my video about this unique gym here

They cover everything from boxing, weights, kettlebells, strength training to even hip hop! And they cater for all levels of fitness from beginner to professional - and yes indeed there are quite the few national champs roaming around this gym at any one time!

They strive to be empathetic to the individual needs and circumstances of their members and the diverse skills and life experiences of their qualified trainers is most definitely an asset to this gym..

ArtGym is all about working together to achieve fitness goals. Most importantly they want to understand where you are on your journey to better health so that they can offer support and encouragement along the way. Check out their membership and personal training packages here

I'm telling you if you want to get in shape and fast I really do recommend Kettlebells

it's all about those squats with kettlebells too lol

It's also the continuos support and encouragement of the ArtGym trainers that keeps you motivated and in my case turned me into an ArtGym addict!

Figure it's a pretty good addiction to have right - good company and great fitness - can't go wrong with that combo!

Oh and one thing is for sure - after discovering this gym I am more focused, in tune with my physical and mental well being and understand the importance of variety in life - creative variety that is :)


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