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The Heart of Zurich

When it comes to Swiss Hotel living - one thing is for sure - Hotel Glockenhof in Zurich has the best combination of luxury and natural living you can find!

This unique boutique hotel in the heart of Zurich has everything you could possibly ask for - from chic high end penthouse suites to cabins under the stars in your own garden - truly something for everyone

Here are some of my fave highlights from my recent stay in the Swiss oasis

firstly the water in Switzerland is SO good

Yas I'm thirsty from all this travel life

Did I mention that the breakfast is completely organic/bio too!

I see chocolates on the bed - Swiss chocolates in fact! Yes the attention to detail in this hotel is so cute tht they even put chocolates on your pillow! Oh this sweet Swiss Life!

Welcome to my Cabin in the heart of Zurich!

the cow themed cabin is oh so cute!

I could definitely get used to this #CabinLife

yup feeling at home here :)

the bed is so cute and cosy I literally never want to leave this luxurious cabin!

My own private Swiss cabin!!

this is a look of one girl that enver wants to leave this new found luxurious Swiss oasis

Also special shout out to Melissa shoes for my uber comfy and stylish shoes for my Zurich stay

this bathroom is #NextLevel luxurious

Thank you Hotel Glockenhof -. you have made my Zurich holiday so so special :)


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