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Champagne & Chandeliers

There are some things in life that make me smile every time and when combined well I'm gone! That is Chandeliers and Champagne - I've had a borderline obsession with Chandeliers for over 10 years - just ask any of my friends - so it's safe to say when I discovered Lausanne Palace I was in Chandelier heaven with Champagne!

And it's not everyday you wake up in Palace and a Swiss Palace at that!

I was lucky enough to experience pure decadence thanks to Lausanne Palace

Not only was the suite magnificient with rolling views of the Swiss alps and lake Geneva but the bar and restaurants in this hotel are equally exceptional - here are some of my fave features of this Palace

Watch my video here to discover the Bar

It's easy to feel like royalty with the gorgeous Elisabetta Franchi collection thanks to MN Privilege the most chic fashion boutique in Lausanne

and can we talk about these couches...please!

just casually looking out over the Swiss Alps!

yup - I'm looking at you!

Can we not stay in this palace forever?!?!?

Ok I'm heading to the bar - who's with me?

Think I ,might just try be a statue and blend into the furnishing of the Palace - think it would work?


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