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A Palace on a hill

We all have probably at some stage in our life dreamed of living in a Palace right?

Well dreams can come true - in the shape and form of Lausanne Palace & Spa perched on the hill tops of Lausanne overlooking lake Geneva is the Palace of all Palaces

I was lucky enough to stay here for a week and experience everything from their exquisite Swiss cuisine to long days by the pool - here are some special moments for my dining experience in their signature restaurant

watch my video here - yas lobster main course was a definite highlight!

Did I mention the wine in Switzerland is ah-mazing too!

My dress of the day was courtesy of the amazing Elisabetta Franci and MN Privilege

and if you're a seafood lover than this resstaurant is heaven

Thank you Lausanne Palace for a truly unforgettable Swiss dining experience

oh and also special thanks for my sweet gifts in my suite -. safe to say I was one happy girl!

I think swiss dark chocolate just might be the way to a girls true heart :)

oh and thanks for those incredible breakfasts too!!! I shall not forget :)


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