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Flushing Meadows

Okay so this post is not quite what the heading might suggest....

I was recently spoiled to visit the designer boutique hotel The Flushing Meadows in Munich

Now unlike the hotels name - this hotel does not feature flushing meadows but rather an urban design oasis secretly hidden in the heart of Munich - the hotel is situated on the top two floors of an industrial building in Munich’s most vibrant neighborhood, the Glockenbach

I felt as if I'd stumbled upon a secret hidden gem - from the exterior you could be forgiven for thinking this hotel was a nightclub or chic co-working warehouse space - but once you open the big double steel doors onto this place you soon realize you're inside something rather special - oh and here I am wearing the amazing designer Claus Tyler emerald green dress - you can shop my look here

So special in fact that it even has it's own ultra cool rooftop bar that really gets things going on a Thursday and Friday night - I was lucky enough to also experience it during the day and let me tell you - it was something exceptional - with views overlooking the Munich rooftops and cathedrals - it really is a sight to behold - and the decor of the rooms - is super chic too - with bronzed furnishings and evenly masculine to feminine design aesthetic I instantly felt at home here - oh and each suite has it's unique design features based from selected personalities - in my case I got a suite inspired by the Vienna Actress Birgit Minichmayr – and you could even watch her films protected onto the bedroom wall - yes this ultra modern urban retreat definitely had a Hollywood sentiment to it and I must say that was just A-OK with me!

Cheers to this Flushing Meadows life!

What I. love about day drinking - especially when on a rooftop :) is the sunlight - yes there is something magical about sipping on a little wine whilst looking out over the Munich skyline

letting that Munich winter sun shine on through!

oh and another way you can always judge a. good hotel is from their coffee and let me tell you - the latte here is superb!

And here are a few of my fave moments from my time in their deluxe design suite!

And every Hollywood or should I say Viennese inspired suite needs a good light :)

oh and the breakfast is pretty good too - think I will have to visit again soon!

And as I do - I always select a tune that inspired by visit and for some reason I felt a moody Mazzy Star tune was perfect foR this urban design mecca of a hotel - so sit back - have a croissant, cocktail or latte and soak up some moody tunes in this chic Munich design hotel!


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