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Romance in Innsbruck

As y'all know I recently visited the natural and majestic ski town of Innsbruck

It is safe to say that I fell in love with this charming town - was it the snow capped mountains, the cosy old world charm restaurants or the abundant richness of history that out me under it's spell? Maybe it was a combination of all three!

Whatever it was - I was captivated - so much so it inspired me to collab with the talented local beauty parlor The Wop Shop and Nala Hotel to create a romantic vision of this truly exquisite town - The result you can see for your self right here!

applying those magic Wop Shop touches

just because I love black n white and that old hollywood charm - had to add this photo too :)

These guys are just so creative - I just loved my new 1940's movie star look

Strolling through Innsbruck like.....

Finally at the beautiful Nala Hoel

this hotel even has a gorgeous outdoor garden area too!

Also the Nala Hotel has the most divine bar and restaurant too - everything you could possibly imagine they serve!

My own private balcony in the hotel - I was certainly lucky with my mountain views too

I also had my own private penthouse with my own spa bath too!

Innsbruck you put me under a spell - I can't wait to return to you soon!

And what song inspired me for this post - none other than the ah-mazing Leon Bridges - so sit back - imagine you have a scotch and cola in your hand and are looking out on the Innsbruck Alps from Nala Hotel - you might want to turn this UP!

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