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Winter Wonderland

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the French Alps? Have you ever dreamed of visiting the French Alps and staying in the most luxurious and cosy ski chalet? And have you hoped you could find this place just one hour's drive from Geneva airport?

Well you're in luck - I have discovered exactly that - this just might be the most idyllic and perfect ski resort I've ever stayed in - Welcome to Les Gets

ThIs charming ski village is located in the picturesque Haute-Savoie Alps - I was lucky enough to stay in the luxurious Chalet Marmotte - this ski chalet offered everything and more I could possibly ask for - from a divine swimming pool to 4 start-of-the-art restaurants to choose from and hospitality that makes you feel completely at home away from home - this was THE ski chalet of my dreams - watch my video to see all!

La Marmotte Chalet and Spa truly felt like a five star resort - with jacuzzi - spa and a magnificent breakfast buffet of your dreams AND if that wasn't already enough the hotel was literally only footsteps from the ski slopes - so you could literally have breakfast and be in the chairlift within 5 minutes of each other!

I'm looking serious in this shot because I'm seriously impressed with this place!

I think I see my French ski chalet :) Oh and did I mention I Had panoramic mountain views from my hotel suite too!

Ok it's time folks - Lets go explore this place!

I could get used to this French Chalet life!

Can't help smiling - must be the Les Gets effect!

I think this French Ski Chalet life suits me - what do you think?

Clearly thinking about my next trip back here already!

Thank you Les Gets Tourism and La Marmotte Hotel and Spa for the ultimate Apre Ski experience!

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