Baby Bump

Things that make you go ooohhhh - I think being pregnant is one of those things!

So like you all now - I too am in "lockdown" and experiencing the effects of "social distancing"

It's safe to say some days are easier than others but like all things this too shall pass.

In the meantime it's hard no doubt but I am trying to find the silverlining in the circumstances - more time to slow down - cook - read - meditate and reassess what you want in life.

At this time of reflection I am pregnant and experiencing the excitement of bringing a new life into the world - although the world feels strange now - I have faith that we will all prevail and hopefully for the better! In the meantime remember to get fresh air - but maintain social distancing and try to relax into the moment - as this is only a moment in the grand scheme of things!

wearing from head to toe - Zara

happiness is me and my baby bump!

when someone coughs near you.... mmmm please don't!

hanging out like a Monkey

swoosh #PregnantStyle

just call me little red riding hood #PregnantStyle in lockdown mode!


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