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Baby Birthday

When it comes to putting on a baby birthday party it can feel a little overwhelming.

First you have to find a location, order food, get the decorations, send out the invites, the list goes on!

That's why this year being my Baby Boy's first birthday I wanted to make sure I could enjoy it as much as possible to I outsourced the catering and cake to the wonderful Torteaurorawien

This meant I was able to relax more and enjoy this special moment.

I decided on a Taco Bar and got WrapStars the amazing Viennese Taco specialists and set up my dream taco bar!

I then needed a birthday cake and I decided last minute I wouldn't bake it - luckily enough I found a local baker that had the time and skills to make the most divine birthday cake!

Check out all the highlights below from the little guy's big day!

Ah the most perfect birthday cake - we loved it!

He definitely had his eye on the bear!

My husband trying to be funny :)

The we had the delicious Taco Bar - thanks to WrapStars

clearly enjoying my taco :)

Birthday boy!

Look at Henley's face - he can't wait to eat the cake! I don't blame him

trying to get a perfect picture but the bubba wasn't having it :)

My two favourite boys - don't ever change !


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