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Beach to Bar

If you're anything like me then you crave a stylish tote that can take your day from day to night.

That is why I was so thrilled to discover the Gunes Swim Dorothy Clutch

This clutch is perfect for carrying your daily essentials, including around the beach or out to dinner. This particular tote is hand crafted out of recycled nylon in Gunes signature stripes.

And don't worry it's also available in a range of 3 colours to match any bikini or outfit.

As you know I love the beach and am naturally partial to a good bar at night too :) and now that my babies are at an age where I can get a babysitter and actually get to a bar then I'm thrilled to find a practical yet stylish tote!

Oh and it's an women owned Australian business, actually a mother and daughter duo who spend their time between Australia's Byron Bay and Bondi Beach. Additionally Gunes is dedicated to consciously designed and sustainably made products too. So there's many reasons to LOVE this brand!

Here are some highlights from my recent outing with my Dorothy clutch!

truly having my Dorothy moment :)

happiness must be a good tote!

Thank you Gunes Swim for this Tote that clearly made me beam!



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