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carebear party

My little baby girl turned 1 years old and it was such a colorful and vibrant celebration :)

If you know me then you know i just love throwing my children huge birthday parties. For me a birthday party is something to be celebrated and I love everything from choosing the cake to designing the decorations. It's always a lot of work planning but so worth it to see my children's faces when they see their amazing party!

This time I decided to do a carebears theme as I always loved carebears when I was little but primarily I choose it because Manon's first toy was a carebear and it is very symbolic for me!

I have to thank my mother and father for helping so much on the day with all the decorations and organising. It was the first time I did a party without a party planner help and I literally couldn't have done it without my parents!

So here are the highlights from the big day and before you ask my entire outfit is from Dollskill and YES I'm wearing a carebear dress :)

Firstly I want to show you all the getting ready for the party segment - we took so many amazing photos but the first blog post will focus on the amazing cake - this cake was made by Mery Cake Party Service in Vienna and it was everything I dreamed of and more!

Placing it on the table very carefully :)

relieved I didn't drop it :)

And let's not forget the cutest carebear of all - Manon Hartley Kloess :)

preparations meet party day success!

My mumma helping me with balloons!

okay okay so it might have crossed my mind to have a little drink before the party but I waited for the guests to arrive - although the Brundlmayer was lovely

My dad was amazing too! running around doing so much!

Time for a quick cheers!

Ok now we were ready for the guests to arrive

Ah I can't wait to celebrate with my favourite girl!

Taking a moment to take it all in this special moment before party time!


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