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Christening Celebration

I have to say my children's double christening celebration was the most magical and special afternoon that I could have ever hoped for!

Not only were my parents there all the way from Australia but also some of my most dearest friends. Altogether to celebrate the lives of my beautiful two children, Henley and Manon.

Here are some special highlights. I want to thank the following businesses too that truly made this day unforgettable

Christening Ceremony Gowns: Burbvus Christening Gowns

Manon's Celebration Dress: Syvema Kids

Party Decorations: Party Dreams

Baptism Party Favors: Queen Studio

White Cake: The Kitchen

What a truly magical celebration - oh and yes we had a giant white bouncy castle too!

This cake was next level!

I couldn't stop smiling all day!

Manon looked exquisite in her Syvema dress!

My mumma

Customized flowers :)

My niece helping with the finishing touches

My family

The godmother and her child and my dad!

Clearly discussing something important with my husband :)

Some of my wonderful guests arriving

Some special guests

And the photographer capturing all

oh and those wondering - my dress was from ASOS - the only dress I could find that quite literally matched the decor :)

Me looking rather animated! Probably directing one of the event crew :)

Henley's godfather with the little Manon

Someone was especially exhausted at the end of the day :)


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