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Chronobiology cosmetics

If you know me then you know I love vegan skincare and anything French! That is why I was so thrilled to discover this beautiful clean skincare range by Klytia Paris. It's both Vegan and French so what is there not to like!

KLYTIA, was at the origin of the first beauty institute in the world opened in 1895 in Paris on the Place Vendôme.

Today, inspired by Chronobiology, KLYTIA has developed 3 care rituals (LES CHRONOSOINS®) for MORNING, EVENING and WEEKEND synchronized "to the biological clocks" of the skin. KLYTIA's innovation stems from scientific research on Chronobiology and its influence on the skin, conducted in collaboration with the Laboratory of Galenic Pharmacy of the René-Descartes University of Paris V.

This study allowed us to select active ingredients and textures that allow us to claim increased efficiency and unprecedented results. All KLYTIA products are 100% vegan and clean beauty.

Here are some of my fave products from their collection:

The Caviar d'eau Perles de Massage - Gentle daily scrub - This gentle daily scrub for the face and neck is made of small soft Jojoba beads. With a pleasant texture when applied, it removes all traces of impurities while leaving the skin toned. It also helps refine the stratum corneum and prepares the skin to receive night care. And it's in this luxurious pink that makes you feel oh so decadent and pampered :)

When you first try a new skincare range I always suggest try something accessible first and then work yourself up to the more concentrated and active products - I recommend starting with L'Essentielle - Double Moisturizing Emulsion 24H

If you're anything like me and suffer from sleep deprivation - for whatever reason be it lifestyle inflicted or because of babies keeping you awake all night then I truly recommend Soin Absolu Regard - Eye Contour cream-emulsion. Soin Absolu Regard is formulated as an ultra-light and high-tolerance cream-emulsion, specifically developed for the sensitive area around the eyes. Its active ingredients help erase signs of fatigue, smooth wrinkles, hydrate the skin and make it more supple. The eyes regain their timeless magic.

This intenseAA-Anti-age serum is a concentrated face serum for a 30-day treatment, one ampoule per day, provides anti-aging, tightening and reshaping effects for mature skin or skin that lacks firmness and tone. Day after day, its formula helps to correct and prevent the visible effects of skin aging. From the first application skin is smoothed, wrinkles plumped, the complexion regains its natural radiance. Okay okay I know the packaging is pink so I naturally couldn't resist but my skin feels so good after applying these serums!

What I also love about the Klytia skincare range is their approach using chronobiology which means you can focus on skincare for the morning or evening or event weekend

Here is their morning chronosoins range

Here is their evening chronosoins range

Here is their weekends range

So what is chronobiology you ask -

For more than forty years, scientific research undertaken by international teams of researchers has shown how the life of our organism obeys internal rhythms regulated by a set of biological clocks and rhythms, biorhythms. The science that studies these biological rhythms is called Chronobiology.

A biological rhythm is defined as a period during which a phenomenon exhibits a peak of maximum activity followed by a low of minimal activity. These biological rhythms are reproducible and above all predictable. They reproduce during the day and throughout the 28-day female cycle. These biological rhythms are about our skin that lives this natural cycle, like a breath.

So if you want to truly experience radiant skin thanks to chronobiology then do try out the Klytia range

This night cream "Secret Nocturne" is sensational and I am addicted to the Magic Fluid sleeping mask

This Fraiche de Rosee is is a fabulous toning lotion. Fresh from the Dew is a true morning glow. This sprayable lotion is rich in active ingredients that help to instantly moisturize and refresh facial skin in a single step. It prepares the skin to receive the benefits of other KLYTIA CHRONOSOINS morning care.

So what are you waiting for? Klytia is the clean and effective skincare range you've been waiting for!


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