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Haircare That Breaks The Internet

Ok so you can thank me later for this one.

I am sharing with you a literal #GameChanger in the haircare industry.

Mermade Hair is an Australian founded hair brand based on the belief that beautiful hair should be easy.

The launch of our signature tool – the original Mermade Hair Waver – literally broke the internet.

It is now one of the hottest and fastest selling hair tools across the globe.

But wait there's more.. ok I sound like a sales person but REALLY these products are sensational - you won't need to go to the hair salon anymore after you use these! As you all know i have 2 babies under 2 and time well is precious - that's why when I discovered Mermade Blow Dry Brush - my haircare routine became SO much easier. Literally in 10 minutes you can have salon quality hair - but at home :)

The one hair tool I simply can’t live without. It’s the lightest Blow Dry Brush today. Plus, it’s incredibly powerful.

Achieve a perfect blowout in the comfort of your home in no time!

Did I mention the packaging is super chic too!

It is also super lightweight and easy to handle!

Who knew that doing your hair could be so effortless :)

Did I mention that everything is in beautiful pinks, lilacs or marone colors - making shopping and your bathroom cabinetry look even more girly :)

I recommend getting these grip clips too that will make it even easier!

I now actually enjoy doing my hair!

They have so many cute and effective products - in so many pretty colours too

It safe to say I totally fell in love with my Blow Dry Brush

Oh and their famous waver is also a total #GameChanger for those wanting effortless waves

And the result from using the Blow Dry Brush you ask - just see below!




three perfect looks thanks to Mermade Hair


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