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Holiday glow

As we enter a new year and if you're anything like me a new list of new years resolutions. I have made it a priority this year to try to put myself first. At least when it comes to makeup :)

Being a mum of two beautiful babies under two well let's just say it doesn't allow much time for sleep. That is why it's important to me to have a makeup brand that can give me that rejuvenated immaculate look without much effort.

I turn to Wycon Cosmetics - I find them to be such clever, affordable and truly quality makeup. I recently was lucky enough to explore their holiday products and see the beautiful results below!

Some of my fave Wycon products :)

Their eyeshadows are immaculate too!

They have a eyeshadow called Gleaming Rocks and it's so magical - truly my fave eyeshadow colors this season!

Their foundation range is also impressive

I love their bronzer highlighters too

I truly love their Skin Android foundation too and the packaging is pink!

So hopefully this post have given you some holiday makeup ideas and inspiration thanks to Wycon Cosmetics


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