Italian Natural Cosmetics

Are you looking for a fresh new start?

And I don't mean change your life type of fresh start but I do mean feed your skin the best possible nutrients to have truly radiant and healthy skin.

I am so thankful that I discovered Roviti Natural Cosmetics that is dedicated to the production of cosmetics with 100% natural raw materials from organic farming.

I recently road tested their entire range and I can truly say the results are amazing!

One of their signature products is the pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil which is BIO and D.O.P certified.

This is a truly rare and precious product that is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the fruits of the plant grown in the volcanic hills of Sicily!

The oil reveals an important amount of essential fatty acids, mainly Omega 6 with vitamin E. This natural product is considered one of the most powerful anti-aging products and I'm here to tell you you simply must try it!

Fun fact - it has nearly double the concentration of vitamins, sterols and polyunsaturated fatty acids compared to Argan Oil - oh and you can also use it on your face or hair!

Here is a peak at some of my fave products from the Roviti Natural Cosmetics range.

Prickly Pear Seed Oil

You only need a few drops applied daily for face, body, eye and as part of your haircare beauty regime too!

What I love most about this product is that it's a truly 100% pure product that is powerful for anti-aging, moisturizing, purifying and anti-wrinkle action!

It is the first time that this rare and precious natural product (The Prickly pear seed oil) is available on the market from Sicily production. So it's 100% made in Italy

When someone tells me how moisturizing this product is.... it most definitely has the WOW factor!

For some years, prickly pear seed oil has attracted the attention of the world of artisanal cosmetics. The rarity and the difficulty of extracting this “miraculous” oil, in fact, make it possible only to produce in small quantities, not very suitable for the industrial manufacturing processes of the large cosmetic companies.

Pure prickly pear seed oil, obtained from the first cold pressing, is therefore an exclusive and excellent natural product for cosmetic use. Its properties are far superior to those of Argan oil and all other natural oils for cosmetic use currently on the market.

Rare, precious and with a thousand qualities: antioxidant, moisturizing, regenerating and healing. Prickly pear oil is rich in vitamin E and Omega 6 to combat skin aging and wrinkles. Used alone, it is easily absorbed and makes the skin soft and supple. Not only that, it is also a real cure-all for the eye contour and for the shine and softness of your hair.

Safe to say I am pretty happy to have discovered this amazing beauty secret! For best use of this oil in particular - I apply every night with a soft massage, before going to bed, a few drops on clean and dried face and neck skin. The effect is a deeply hydratated and radiant skin. I recommend apply daily for at least 3 weeks treatment.

It is the first time that a manufacturer has formulated an entire range of cosmetic products with this exclusive oil in all its production, in synergy with other natural products such as Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Olive oil, licorice extract, etc..

The main ingredient of Roviti cosmetics is pure prickly pear seed oil, cold pressed, with D.O.P and BIO certification.

The pure oil is 100% made in Italy.