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Jacket weather

So apparently it's spring in Vienna - but it's also been the coldest Spring on record for approx 40 years and we're just emerging from a pandemic - so the thought of sunshine is good. But the weather has it's own mind here and I recently learned that there is a saying in Vienna during April - "That in April Vienna does what it wants" i.e the weather is unpredictable - showers one minute and beautiful sunshine the next.

So it's a good thing to invest in good winter jackets cos let's face it you might need them all year round :)

Yas Apparel provided this very fun jacket and I couldn't be happier to call it my Spring-time jacket even if it's really built for the winter!

I'm not letting the weather get me down - I love a good jacket and this one especially has me feeling extra happy!

Who needs sunshine when you have Yas Apparel :)


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