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Luxury Led Light Therapy

Are you curious about LED light therapy masks? If so then this blog post is for YOU!

I was super curious about how these masks could help me with my skin. Being a mum of two babies under two means I get very little sleep, which means unfortunately premature ageing is a thing for me. So I decided to get serious about a skin routine that was not only effective but could also keep up with my busy lifestyle.

That's when I discovered Omnilux, the award winning medical-grade LED light therapy device that truly helps give me flawless skin.

I opted for their Omnilux Contour Face mask and it is such a clever device - it literally shapes to your face, making it easy and comfortable to use.

Not only is the mask effective for giving clear skin it also helps tone and lift the skin too. Also depending on what your skin issues are or what skin goals you have Omnilux has different masks to help cater to all your needs - oh and before you ask, yes they have masks for men too!

Omnilux is optimized with doses of red, near infared or blue light. This is how it helps increase your skins natural cellular healing and collagen production.

Another aspect I love about this clever device is that it's portable. So I can literally do the housework, tend to my babies and even do some yoga - all whilst combating skin ageing!! But don't take my word for it - check out the results below :)

I couldn't stop smiling when I discovered the results of this LED mask - my skin has never been more clear and healthy before!

I often us it just before I go to bed or when I wake up in the morning, either way - you can use it anytime too as it's completely portable too.

To be fair when my two year old toddler first saw me wearing the mask he was like wow and then he loved it - he thinks I look like a cartoon character when wearing it and he even wants to wear it - but of course it's for adults only and thankfully I get the mask all to myself :)

What I also love about this LED mask is that it's completely non-invasive and yet it stimulates collagen production.

As mentioned I have two babies under two so theres never a dull moment for me - nor a spare moment so when I discovered I could use this LED mask on the go - I was super thankful. Especially now as I can incorporate it into my yoga routine too!

And yes you can do any yoga moves you need - freely and easily with this clever device.

saluting the sun and the beauty goddess within thanks to Omnilux

I love finishing my yoga session knowing I have also completed by skin balancing routine too :)

Thank you Omnilux for showing me how easily flawless skin results can be achieved.



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