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Oh Bag Glam

If you know me then you know I have 2 babies and when trying to combine style with practicality well sometimes it can be a challenge, oh and did I mention I love luxury items too?

So in short i'm not your average mum. In fact I used to be a fashion reporter for New York Fashion Week Milan Fashion Week, London Fashion Week just to name a few!

So it's important to me to look good but also have some sense of practicality too - I do have 2 babies after all :)

This is why among many other reasons I choose Obag - they have the widest range and most stylish and practical bags on the market!

I recent took my fave pink round Obag for an adventure in Mallorca and it did just fine :)

Oh and if you can't already see my Obag wasn't my only fave accessory - I took my little baby girl long for the Spanish adventure too!

Also must point a=out that all would not be possible without my hubby - his patience - especially when the kids are grumpy:)

Despite the look on my sons face I can assure you he was running around smiling 5 mins after this shoot with icecream - the wonderful world of toddlers :)

This is why it's important to me to have a bag that is stylish and functional - so I can run around after these little ones, well in style of course :)

Thank you Obag for making my Spanish adventure that more stylish and practical !



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