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Retro Rides

You know your baby is growing up when you bring out the bike with training wheels.

It's safe to say bicycles for children have come a long way since I was a child and there are just so many choices these days.

In fact when researching which bike is best for my little boy I was initially overwhelmed buy how many different types are on the market.

I was pleasantly surprised though when I discovered BERG bikes. As it's never to early to start developing your child's moto skills. Although my boy has only just began to walk he is constantly on the go and fascinated by bikes SO I decided I needed a bike that was gentle to start with but would give him the confidence to develop. Also let's face it I also wanted something that looked good too, design aesthetic is important in a bike so I chooses BERG GO 2 Retro Green

It's suitable from the age of 10months, your child can get started with this unique combination of step and pedal car.

This bike is essentially a 2 in 1 - it's both a push bike and a pedal bike with foldable pedals.

Once they have mastered pushing with the GO2, they can then start to pedal straight away.

The GO2 has fold-away pedals. When folded up they are not in the way when stepping and it's easy

to learn to pedal when unfolded.

The four wheels and robust design makes the GO2 stable and safe. The ergonomic elongated saddle also ensures a good sit when your child grows a bit taller.

The BERG GO2 can be used both indoors and outdoors. In fact my boy loves using it inside and out. Thankfully the compact model is easy to steer around chairs and tables.

Also the types are super cool and they never get a puncture or leak!

Some of the reasons I love the BERG GO2

• Learn to scoot and pedal with the BERG GO². In short, 2 in 1!

• 10-20 months; Thanks to its narrow rear design and folding pedals when tucked away, children

quickly learn to scoot and steer.

• 20-30 months; Ready for the next step? Fold down the pedals so that your child can learn to pedal.

• Extremely stable thanks to the wide front. The narrow rear enables you to scoot easily.

• The award-winning ergonomic design makes the GO2 an eye-catcher in the house.

• Grows along with your child without having to adjust the saddle.

• Silent whisper tires to ride around quietly and which never go flat.

• Supple and light to ride, both forwards and backwards, thanks to the ball bearings in the crank axle

and rear axle.

Perfect for those park strolls

I also got my boy the one-step up model too - the BERG Biky Retro Green - a balance bike that's a bit more advanced but perfect for more adventourous outings.

This bike is perfect for exploring. It also comes with a handy detachable retro saddlebag, you can easily take your teddy, doll or picnic stuff with you, wherever you go.

Also you can rest easy because at BERG safety is priority and all models come with a

steering regulator with two positions:

Safe mode for a safe start, and Skill mode to let rip.

There are no sharp edges or protruding parts, and the footrests are integral to the design.

So happy my baby is learning to ride and feels confident exploring the world on wheels!

Here are the links to more info on both these bikes


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