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Scandinavian Design - Makes Every Meal Special time

I am so lucky to have a beautiful little boy and some of my favourite times spent with him are doing meal-time.

I have looked far and wide for a baby chair that not only looks aesthetically pleasing and blends into my home decor but one that is both comfortable and practical for my growing baby.

I am excited to announce that I have collaborated with Norwegian design company Stokke. Finally I discovered the Tripp Trapp highchair that literally grows with my baby making it a chair for life! It can cater for a baby from birth to a fully grown adult.

My baby is able to sit up by himself but needed a safe and dynamic chair to make meal-time more intimate and bring the entire family closer together.

The chair has many levels you can adjust it so the baby is comfortable at all heights.

The Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair - I got it in natural color but it also comes in many different colors to match your home decor.

There are also a large selection of accessories available for the chair to make it even more comfotable like pillows, a baby set and trays. These are all sold seperately and you can customize the design and look to suit your needs.

For those that don't know Stokke is a Norwegian brand that was established in 1972. The Tripp Trapp is made in Europe and is today a style icon setting the practical and design standards for high chairs. My baby boy just loves it and can sit in it comfortably for hours if need be.

Happiness is a Tripp Trapp highchair

Here is a full length shot of the Tripp Trapp. You can see how aesthetically pleasing it is and the different levels you can adjust the chair so that it grows with your baby.

As you can see my baby feels confident and comfortable in the Stokke Tripp Trapp.

Also please note there is a baby harness also available to put on the baby when not accompanied by an adult.

Always after meal-time I love to have cuddles with my baby

Thank you Stokke for always helping make my baby smile

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