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Signature Stokke Stroller Design

I'm so happy to introduce you all to the Signature Edition Stokke XploryX stroller!!

The new unique design brings even more closeness to your baby.

Here are some of the new and improved features of the stroller - it is both elegant and stylish and perfect for newborns up to 22 kg​

And my favourite feature the signature swivel wheels for effortless steering!

Something I particularly love about this design is also the color - it is gold emblems on the design with matching gold trimming making it that more decadent and perfect for my new little girl arriving soon!

Here are some pics from my latest outing with this striking Stokke stroller that perfectly fits my versatile lifestyle!

Now I can visit all the wonderful museums and art galleries in Vienna with my stylish companion!

strolling the the entire family can enjoy!

Another feature I love about this stroller is that you feel so close to your baby... the stroller has many options on what height you want your baby to site making it practical and convenient!

Usually I have to plead to get my son to ride in strollers but with the Stokke XploryX it's the other way round, he never wants to get out because it's so comfortable!

Feels like every outting is now an exciting adventure for my son as he can see everything so well and comfortably from his Stokke XploryX.

As parents you feel super confident with the Stokke XploryX

Thank you Stokke for making this mumma's life so much more stylish and easier :)



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